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What the food?! A way to someone's heart is through food 🧀

Posted on Thursday, March 15

Getting food as a gift from someone always warms my heart. To me, it symbolizes closeness and intimacy. It really conveys "relationship status." Giving the gift of food has never gone wrong for me. Giving something food related whether it is something I buy, make myself 🍪, or subscribe to is one of the most satisfying gift experiences for me. I don't see myself as a domestic goddess, but I am fairly certain I know what all my friends like and I have been known to make some great food platters for get-togethers.

Here are my most loved food gifts:

Ice Cream
A friend of mine talks about Humphry Slocombe ice cream so much it had to make it on this list. Sure they have unusual flavors, but I am the adventurous type that's always willing to try something new at least once and then many more times if I like it. I am especially intrigued (buying now) by the "Secret Breakfast", a bourbon-infused ice cream loaded with ground corn flakes. Send this to someone special, send it over as a gift this holiday, or bring it with you. Eat breakfast for dinner!

Gift with: Seletti Set 6 Porcelain Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon.

Cookie Cards
I am a frequent cookie giver — it's a little out of hand, actually. Instead of giving you all I do, I will tell you what I like best as it hits all the right reasons for giving all the time. My go-to is Cheryl's Cookies gift cards. I buy one or many and never break the bank. If sending to serve a large group, Cheryl's also offers many options.

Gift with: Olson Cake Stand with Flat Cover.

Tenderloin & Prime Rib Roast Combo
I am really picky about giving meat, so I really just gift this to the very closest of my friends and family. When giving meat as a gift, I brace myself for serious feedback (good and bad), so I have to be honest and tell you that my boyfriend gets meat gifts and so does my sister. In both cases, this meat gift has been a winner.

Gift with: Jonathan Adler 1948 Oval Serving Plate.

Italian Goodies and Packages - Eataly (New York, California and Boston)
I love trying something new with someone. Trying a new pasta recipe is the least intimidating form of cooking — you can gift a simple pasta set and then add on as years go by. This is a great gift for a new neighbor or a newlywed.

Gift with: Rose & Fitzgerald Pure Brass Serving Spoon Set.

Charcuterie and Bagels!
Zabar's is a NYC staple. They have been around since 1934 and Zabar's introduced New York to Brie. Can you imagine a cheese plate without Brie? Check out Zabar's story here. Zabar's is my go-to gift to ship to friends that have moved away and cannot get a good bagel elsewhere. Our gift basket of choice, locally or to ship, is the Bagels & Bakery Bundle. It's New York at the right price.

Gift with: EIGHTMOOD Brown Brunch Cutting Board.