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Gift Easter memories to your kids

Posted on Saturday, March 24

I like to remember every moment with my kids, so I find every opportunity to gift them something and Easter is no different. I make the most elaborate baskets for them filled with every imaginable Easter favor I can buy. I encourage you to make the same memories with your kids this coming holiday.

Here are our top picks:

1. Spritz Easter White Canvas Basket
What a colorful, happy Easter basket. Add all the candy you can find.

2. Embroidered Easter Bunny Basket in Pink/White
Here's a cute little bunny Easter basket for the girl who loves her stuffed animals. Stuff it with some peeps and jelly beans.

3. White Picket Fence Basket
This is a classic Easter basket that goes well with a pretty pink dress and a white hat.

4. Sur La Table Bunny Easter Basket
Oh goodness. We want 10 of these. One for every kid we know!!

5. Levtex Bunny Easter Basket
A soft, plush basket that appeals to the girl in a cute white dress this Easter.