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The best gifts can be had at the airport ✈

Posted on Thursday, September 22

Airport gifts used to make me think that the gift is an after thought but I don't think that's true anymore. Luxury brands have taken over the airport; local boutiques and artisan gifts have also taken space which make airports a great place to find gifts when traveling. This week I am in London, and this is what I am eyeing to take back home and send through the post office.

Local chocolate from the Borough Market's Rabot 1745 is wicked good but also packaged perfectly. Our take-home present is the Pink Champagne truffles from Hotel Chocolat.

Boyfriend "London" jacket for kids. It's a hit at our house especially in the recipient's favorite color. I buy this from any street vendor that will let me haggle.

Local alcohol, World of Whiskies!

A scarf, but only if I find one that really, really speaks to me. One of my most favorite scarves is from a boutique gift store at the airport. My friend Nikki and I always get a scarf that can double as a blanket on planes. My traveling/airport look is one of the most important looks to me. It has to be stylish and comfortable. It's a look I gift to friends. I am thinking a checked scarf from M&S is coming home with me to give to someone special this season.

Finally, my best gift ideas are always the least expensive. Send your loved ones a postcard from wherever you are. It's thoughtful and whimsical all at once.