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For real, this fall, gift frames!

Posted on Wednesday, September 6

Glasses may just be the most underrated accessory of them all. In fact, I think glasses have gotten an undeserved bad rep, and, it's about time it gets turned around.

This fall, gift frames!

It's crazy just how many different types of glasses there are out there, and let's face it — it's not always easy to decide what style is the best for ourselves, let alone others. That's where I come in to help.

Let me break it down for you by personality.

For her, let's start with the classic frame. These will be for the friend who has that preppy, seemingly perfect style. The Claudia frames are our first pick. A simple and neat look with a bit of an oversized frame to add a touch of modern style.

My next choice is the Woodrow frames. These are a much more contemporary pair that manage to keep that classic shape I love.

Finally, the Yokote. These brow-line glasses stick with a rectangular shape but have a fun and stylish emphasis on the upper-half of the frames to add a little color and attention!

For the guys, I am obsessing over the Ferrous frames. Bold and classic, they are perfect.

The Bristol on the other hand is a dark frame for the mysterious type. This dark frame gives these standard glasses the perfect touch.

But I do love, love the Evening glasses and think they are the perfect pair of oversized frames for those that can carry the look. Confidence is sexy.

Then again, if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, these playful frames will be the perfect accessories! The St Michel frames are light, fun and super different.

My favorite though is the light blue Brittany glasses because they will brighten up any look. That is my style. How can you not be in love with all of these fun colors?!

This fall, the gift of glasses will take work or school wardrobes to the next level. There is a perfect pair out there for everyone and you will be the genius who gave them the gift they didn't even know they were searching for.