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Just because gifts

Posted on Wednesday, June 1

Have you ever received something that was just so thoughtful?

As I get older, I find that the best presents I get are the ones that come at the most unexpected times — flowers, chocolate almonds, cookies, a hammer (which I really, really needed after using my boots for a while).

So for my first post, I want to share the top presents I have given (and get) for no reason at all. I do it just because.

"Just Because" gift giving happens every day, all around us, and mostly between people with the closest relationships. Just last week, I treated my friend to a manicure just to thank her for being a constant supporter. I am a bonafide "just because" gift getter. Most of the presents are under $25, but no matter the present, I always add my stamp to it — pink gift wrap/box/bag or a handwritten note on pink paper.


Spaceman USB Light
Thank you gift to my friend Jon, who really likes anything space related. This is very specific to his personality, but it's also a best-seller at the MOMA.

Magnolia Bakery Cookies
starts at $12
It's a staple for me. Whoever it is that I'm coming home to at the end of the day has a good chance of getting this. BUT If I am picking this up for someone my kids always get these by default ☺.

Whole Foods Flowers
starts at $10
A quick stop for a bunch of flowers sends the perfect "TOU" message. My choice, Whole Foods market for a single flower, peonies in this case or the Whole Trade Guarantee Arrangement w/Mason Jar.

starts at $7.99
This is the grown-up version of cookies ☺. I get this for just about anyone for so many varying reasons. It could be for a day out in the sun with your best girlfriend to catch-up & gossip or for my neighbor who just cleaned my driveway (true story).